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What is Sublime?

Sublime is an analytics platform designed for companies with repetitive sales model (especially Direct-to-Consumer brands). Sublime provides data & insights to all teams within the company to support daily decision making.

Who is it for?

Companies with repetitive sales model such as Direct-to-Consumer Brands or SaaS. Some of the brands using Sublime include: ProperGood, PsiBufet, Baselinker etc.

How is Sublime different then other tools on the market?

Sublime integrates multiple data solutions (dashboards, data exploration, data integration, testing and other) in one tool. This allows companies to focus on core business analysis instead of deploying and managing a complex stack of analytics tools.

When is a good time to start?

Sublime comes in three different plans to match different stages of analytical maturity. Our Starter plan is ideal for companies that generate around $50k in monthly revenue or manage a monthly marketing budget of $15k.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Feel free to contact us through this form [link]

How much will I pay?

Our Starter plan starts at $199 per month plus variable fee that is based on your actual revenue that is reported in Sublime. On average a customer on a Starter plan pays around $450 per month. You can estimate your costs with our calculator [link]

Who owns the data?

We take no ownership of the data processed in Sublime. We act as a data processor and for that we sign a separate, GDPR-compliant agreement. All of the data is owned by our customers.

What if I need to add more users?

Our pricing model is not based on the number of licences. So you can add as many users as you wish.

What if we end cooperation?

We will stop populating existing tables and reports with new data. All the data that has been collected up to that point will be transferred to a data warehouse of your choice.

How long does it take to deploy Sublime?

The implementation process largely depends on your current system setup and how specific your analytical needs are. It usually varies between 1-6 weeks.

What skills do I need in-house?

Sublime is designed for businesses supported by the analytics department or embedded analysts. However if you do not employ / cooperate with analysts yet, we can offer you the support of our analytics team.

Can you take care of tagging?

Yes, our analysts can help you design a tagging strategy and support the implementation process alongside your web developers. When your tagging is set up we can monitor if all tags are firing properly.

Can you help me with GA4 implementation?

Yes, we can support you both in new GA4 deployments or migration from Universal Analytics.

Can I integrate multiple marketing accounts?

You can integrate as many accounts as you wish. If you have multiple i.e. Google Ads accounts we can connect them all and let you analyse metrics for each account separately or combined.

I need integration that is currently unavailable. Can you add it?

Yes, we support a wide range of connecting methods. Let us know what integration you’d need using this form [link].

Can i customize my reports and metrics?

Yes, in Sublime Growth & Enterprise plans you have full access to dashboards and metric definitions. Using a drag & drop interface you can build new charts and reports. With SQL you can customize existing or add new metrics.

How can I use data in other ways than dashboards?

For instance:

  • you can freely explore your data using drag & drop interface and over 40 different visualizations,
  • you can directly query raw data using SQL Lab,
  • you can export your data to CSV or Excel,
  • You can export charts to PDF to include in your presentations,
  • soon we will add the option to set mailing alerts or scheduled reports.

Can I connect to other data sources?

Yes, you can quickly point to a Google Drive GSheet to include it in reports or calculations. You can also upload an Excel file or simply point to your database in MSSQL, MySQL or Postgres.

Are reports in real-time?

By default we refresh data once per day as this covers most of the reporting needs and is cost-efficient. However if needed Sublime can process the data multiple times per day.

Can you analyze my data?

Yes, we have an internal analytics team that can help you crunch your data and deliver insights and reports. We offer hour-based models for analytics support.

Let your entire organization work on data not assumptions!

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