Let your entire
work on data
not assumptions

  • Single source of truth for the whole organization
  • Built-in reports and automated data refresh
  • Flexible customization and raw data access

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Loved by the best

    Where I think you really stand out personally is the answering of questions that management need answers to but have no idea how to answer. Basically, you allow managers to act with the insights of a data scientist without having a data scientist on staff. All with the aim to guide product iteration, ad spend, and similar real-time decisions.
    Sublime helped us build an analytical environment that enabled us to integrate all data sources in a convenient & flexible way and fully understand how our business performs. Sublime especially enables us to conduct deep subscriptions and cohorts analysis which are crucial for our business model.
    The implementation of Sublime at the very beginning of the company's existence helped us achieve amazing growth based on data. Currently, Sublime is used by almost all teams in our company: from logistics through marketers to executives.
    We decided to implement Sublime in order to conduct thorough analyzes of customer cohorts and calculate their lifetime value (LTV) and payback periods. In addition, thanks to Sublime, we can better allocate marketing budgets and calculate customer acquisition costs per acquisition channel.
Why Sublime

Single point of truth for all your data that’s always in sync.

Everything is automated so your team can focus on analyzing data.

Best-in-class built-in reports covering key questions every DTC and e-commerce needs to answer regularly.

Build your own charts and dashboards efortlessly.

Access raw data and run your queries on it.

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Let your entire organization work on data not assumptions!

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