Natu.Care – Meet Our Client – Growth Study

The article was written by Patrycja Kościołowska in cooperation with Sublime and originally published by enjoyGrowth!

Natu.Care is a relatively young Polish direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand focused on promoting wellness through high-quality products. Founded in 2022 by Natalia Grajcer, the startup is driven by her personal experiences with health challenges.

From Illness to Inspiration

In her early twenties, Natalia was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases, significantly impacting her health. The constant pressure and competition in her fast-paced career further exacerbated the issue. Experiencing weight fluctuations, skin and hair problems, and digestive issues, Natalia realized the importance of a holistic approach to well-being.

Faced with a difficult choice – surgery or radioactive iodine therapy – Natalia opted for a different path. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery, traveling to Bali and Australia. She learned to listen to her body and intuition, ultimately regaining her strength and motivation. Fueled by her experiences, Natalia established Natu.Care to create products that support healthy eating habits and contribute to overall well-being.

Product Offerings:

The store primarily offers supplements, including sleep aids and omega-3s. Their signature collagen product comes in unique flavors like mango-passion fruit and orange, effectively masking any fishy taste.

Natu.Care prioritizes quality and transparency:

  • proprietary formulas with no additives or fillers,
  • natural flavors and colors,
  • Marine Stewardship Council certification to support sustainable fishing practices,
  • All products are rigorously tested by an independent, accredited laboratory.


Natu.Care - products


More Than Products: Knowledge and Education

Natu.Care goes beyond just selling products. They offer a vast knowledge base to educate customers about supplements and overall health. Their content is created in collaboration with doctors, registered dietitians, and psycho-dietitians, empowering women to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Natu.Care understands the importance of building a loyal customer base. They offer two purchasing models:

Subscription Model: 

  • Get 20% off your orders with a subscription, allowing you to set delivery frequency and enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite products.
  • One-Time Purchase: This option caters to those who prefer a more flexible approach.
Natu.Care - renew
Renew your subscription prompt


Customer Experience Excellence

  • the website clearly communicates the benefits of the subscription model, emphasizing the 20% discount and customizable delivery frequency,
Natu.Care - Subscription
Discount 20% for all subscription orders
  • a helpful quiz personalizes the shopping experience by recommending products based on individual needs, saving time, and gathering valuable customer data,
Natu.Care - suplement
Make quiz – get recommendations
  • customer testimonials in video format build trust and make the brand more relatable,

Natu.Care - influencers

  • product pages showcase key features with icons, highlight the subscription option with its advantages, and provide a link to independent lab test results, ensuring transparency,
Product page
  • the shopping cart displays information like the amount needed to qualify for free shipping and suggests complementary products,
  • secure payment options further enhance customer trust,
  • a loyalty program rewards customers for their actions, similar to other subscription-based businesses. The program is coupled with a referral program, incentivizing customer acquisition.
Natu.Care - cart
Cart page


Sublime x Natu.Care – Case Study

Natu.Care, as a startup, needs to meticulously track and optimize marketing spend.  Their focus lies on:

  • Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU): performance marketing channels that drive conversions,
  • Mid-Funnel (MOFU): Channels that nurture leads and move them closer to purchase.


Accurately measuring campaign effectiveness across different channels, particularly in BOFU and MOFU.  Traditional analytics tools often show duplicated conversions, making it difficult to isolate the true impact of each channel.

Natu.Care faced few questions:

  • At first glance, it seems that Google Ads and Meta are profitable, so in which they should invest more?
  • Which data is the most accurate? GA4 or Meta Ads?
  • Campaigns should focus on WARM or COLD users?
  • Should they buy more traffic for further retargetting?

The ideal way is to combine several features from different systems, but Marketing Mix Modelling, which could be a solution, is way too expensive for a startup!

Natu.Care - Meta


Solution – First Party Attribution!

Natu.Care implemented a 1st party attribution model that combines data from various sources:

  • Conversion paths in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for deduplication,
  • sales data from the e-commerce platform,
  • advertising platform data, including Conversion API (CAPI) from Meta for cross-device tracking and impressions.

The 3-month test yielded surprising results:

  • Meta ROAS results were significantly higher in the advertising dashboard than in GA4. 1st party attribution showed results in between these tools.
  • 1st party attribution indicated that COLD campaigns (new customer acquisition) were more effective than WARM campaigns (retargeting). This contradicts the results from the Meta dashboard.
  • Google brand campaigns turned out to be much less profitable in 1st party attribution than reported in the advertising dashboard or GA4.


Natu.Care - results


What are Our Future Plans?

  • Increasing the budget for COLD campaigns in Meta. Analogically increasing the budget for non-brand campaigns in Google.
  • Increasing the precision of measurement for campaigns conducted in TOFU (Top of the Funnel), which have previously received less attention, e.g. TikTok.
  • Expanding the analytical model to include post-purchase surveys as a complement to the user conversion path.

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